Historically, album art has been almost as iconic as some of the music and artists’ associated with it.  The visual embodiment of the music contained within, album art has given fans an opportunity to visually connect with the artist prior to even hearing one musical note. In a time when the individual consumption of music permeates into the very fabric of daily life, having a strong visual identity gives fans/consumers something substantial to hold on to.

Album/Record Artwork Design

  • Graphic Design for Artists and Musicians in Hollywood
  • Artist music research to make sure our designs fits your music
  • Researching design trends in your genre.
  • High quality professional cover design from your submitted images
  • CD/Vinyl, back cover or inside panels (includes research for additional imagery)
  • Complete typesetting, sizing, placement, and orientation of all photos, logos, and text together (lyrics additional)
  • 2-3 design mockups, 2 front cover revisions, 2 inside panel/cd rom revisions
  • File and template readiness for cd manufacturer
  • Front cover image for iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, other digital distributors.


*A 50% deposit is required to begin all projects. 100% for Digital Covers. Rest due upon completion.