Electronic Press Kits/EPK's

Every artist/band even small business can benefit from the use of a traditional press kit. Successfully used for many years by musicians, labels, agents, and managers, press kits were used to promote the artist/band, a new release or a tour. 

With the help of todays’ technology, electronic press kits (aka E.P.K’s) for artists/bands range from the very simple, to ones that contain a lot of bells and whistles.  Brands today need ways to effectively introduce themselves and we recognize how important it is to put out the right image the first time.

Our goal is to help you develop the right print or digital press kit. When you think about the elements that go into developing your EPK, think about what you want your fans/customers to know, to understand and to feel? What's the connection between audience and band and most importantly, how can you strengthen that connection?

Essential elements of your basic E.P.K’s should include:

  • Promo CD, more often the latest album
  • Press Release 
  • Note-worthy collaborations 
  • Record deals/releases, remixes, etc.
  • Social media links and/or website 
  • Artist/Band/Business Bio
  • Press Clippings/Social Media testimonials/reviews

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Artist/Band/DJ Electronic Press Kits in Hollywood, FL.

*A 100% deposit is required to begin all projects.